7 February 2019

Fees to buy a ready property in Dubai

Fees to buy a ready property in Dubai.

 If you want to purchase a ready property in Dubai, you should pay also up to 7% of the property’s price in addition to the down payment.

Dubai Land Department fee

4% of property purchase price, plus an AED 580 admin fee

Property registration fee

For properties below AED 500,000: AED 2,000, plus 5% VAT

For properties above AED 500,000: AED 4,000, plus 5% VAT

Real estate agency fee

Typically 2% of the property value, plus 5% VAT

Bank mortgage arrangement fee

Usually up to 1% of the loan amount, plus 5% VAT

Dubai Land Department mortgage registration fee

0.25% of the loan amount, plus AED 290

Property valuation fee

Ranges from AED 2,500 to AED 3,500, plus 5% VAT

Fees to buy an off plan property

If you want to purchase an off-plan property, you should pay an Oqood (“contract”) fee, which is 4% of the property's price. If the property is being purchased directly from the developer, there are typically no real estate agent fees.

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