28 January 2019

Dubai Real Estate in 2019

How will the Dubai Real estate market be formed in Dubai in 2019?

Expo 2020 will be a huge incentive for development in the Emirate. It is expected that the UAE will gather 25 million visitors from more than 180 countries. In anticipation of this event, the expansion of government consumption depends on the development of the Dubai economy by 4.2 percent in 2019.

Without a doubt, the tourism industry has a huge impact on the development of real estate advertising in Dubai. As pointed out by the CEO of Dubai Tourism, the hotel business remains at the forefront of intersectoral efforts to develop the tourism industry.

Investors are welcome in the UAE. It is assumed that the recent changes made to the UAE, providing for 10-year visas and 100% remote ownership, will make new changes that will open up new opportunities for the region and, moreover, will expand the possibilities of going beyond the direct enterprise.

Attractive revenues - the UAE continues to offer financial professionals, probably the highest return on investment on an all-inclusive system, comparable to any aspect of London, Shanghai and New York. Dubai’s land segment is constantly evolving and developing, offering facilities that are different from other places on the planet. 2019 will welcome foreign investment in real estate.

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Dubai Real Estate in 2019