Why Invest in UK Property?

The UK provides a clear and secure investment environment due to it being politically and economically stable, having a suitable property taxation structure, being protected by the market (and other substantial investment security measures) and possessing a transparent legal system.

The UK property market is diverse. Property, in these terms, does not just mean residential. There are a number of established alternative property sectors, such as student property, self-storage, hotels and serviced apartments. This portfolio diversity provides enhanced security.

Finally, the UK is already attractive to overseas investors. Foreign investment swells the UK property market, making up over 80% of all investment in some years...

Property in the UK provides high yields.
UK property prices have usually doubled every decade due to a critical undersupply of housing meaning that demand is at record levels and opportunities can often be found at below market value.

The mortgage market in the UK is very well developed. In fact, the choice of different mortgage products can be overwhelming, so you need to know a bit about how each of them works, to make a considered decision.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want a fixed rate, or variable rate product. Fixed rate mortgages will guarantee the same interest rate will be applied for the duration of the agreement - usually up to five years.

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